Here’s the info about the creative team behind the Trek Mysteries. If you are having fun here, be sure to check out their original works, and follow their ongoing exploits (’cause you KNOW they’re not getting paid for this). Also, don’t forget to share – “Word of mouth” is important to Trek Mysteries – It’s not like we have a budget, around here…

Vincent Hase

Concept. Stories. Mash-up book covers.

Vince Hase is, to put it bluntly, all over the place. He bounces between numerous half-finished projects, fueled partially by caffeine, partially by the joy of creation, but mostly by his clinical diagnosis of A.D.D. He currently has the occasional witty anecdote or life story that he shares on his personal blog, narrates audio books when someone lets him, and produces a comedy podcast with high production value, odd voices, loud crashing sounds, and questionable subject matter. Thankfully, he has stopped trying to sing.



Jill Lorraine Turpin

Inner artwork. Fellow geek & sounding board.

Jill Lorraine Turpin is an artist and a mom who often prioritizes baking cookies over the previously stated responsibilities. She has been journaling her life experiences through a web comic for the last six years, sharing stories of motherhood, marriage and art, with occasional geeky tangents. She is currently filling every moment of freedom she has, when she manages to escape a labyrinth of dirty laundry and abandoned creative projects, honing her skills as a visual storyteller to bring to life more of the ideas that live in her head.



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